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Serving the Village of Raymond since 1961


The Raymond Fire & Rescue Department covers 36 square miles and protects the community with one fire station housing eight emergency vehicles.


Brush Truck 472

Two hundred acres of corn field blazing... No Problem!

Our Brush Truck has extinguished many acres of burned agriculture fields, residential yards, and swamps in the middle of winter. The 4 Wheel Drive truck has ventured through some of the most undesirable wet terrains to save the day. If you have a bonfire and didn't call it in... You might see this one coming.

Report brush fires/recreational burns here


Engine 421

Engine 421 is our 1st due to a scene of motor vehicle accidents. This is used for MABAS Engine Requests to our neighbors and automatic aid to Union Grove/Yorkville, Wind Lake, and Kanasville.


Car 440

Our Incident Command car went into service at RFRD in late 2015 after countless hours of preparation. A custom cabinet was installed in the back holding radios, incident administrative equipment, EMS Bag, and an SCBA. The new Car 440 was acquired from South Shore Fire Department, with significant contributions to the aesthetics from

Custom Painted Vehicles in Raymond.


Engine 422

Engine 422 was delivered on February 18, 2022. Enforcer Pumper Tanker was built right here in Wisconsin at Pierce Manufacturing. This tanker is 10' 7" and holds 2500 gallons of water.


Rescue 431

Ambulance 431 is a Braun Ambulance and a smooth ride! State-of-the-art control systems inside, with a power cot and a comfortable and ergonomic interior, will be sure to bring the patients in style to the hospital.


Tender 462

Tender 462 was welcome addition to our Department in 2007. This pumper/tanker can do just about anything. Typically this vehicle is our primary water delivery unit; but when the driveway is long, you will find 462 at the end of the driveway supplying water to the fire scene. No one minds running this tanker with ability to dump water without even getting out th


Rescue 432

432 is our current first out Ambulance. EMS calls make up a majority of our runs, and in fact most calls the ambulance is due to the scene. 432 is used for our MABAS calls, where RFRD is frequently called to many of southern Milwaukee County suburbs and our neighbors to the east.

Utility 473

Formerly Ambulance 431 has many miles of patient care and is ready to roll back into the back of fleet and be re-purposed as our Utility vehicle.  This is natural fit for the Medium Duty chassis and should serve many more years to the Town of Raymond.


UTV 474

Thanks to the generosity of a local Raymond resident, RFRD acquired the John Deere Gator, which was quickly equipped to serve as our all-terrain rescue vehicle. The unit has brought patients back to the roadside from hundreds of yards out. It has also complimented our fleet during special events such as RCBO's Fourth of July Festival in Raymond.

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